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Our Wallbed Range

The Wallbed Centre provides Quality Customisable Murphy WallBeds. Get your wall to wall solution for your complete multifunctional room.

Home Office Customisable Murphy Wallbeds

CRAFT ROOM Customizable Murphy Wall Beds

LIVING ROOM Customisable Murphy Wallbeds

RETIREMENT LIVING with Customizable Murphy Wall Beds

 KIDS Room with Customizable Murphy Wall Beds

More Custom Murphy Wall Beds

The WallBed Centre delivering multipurpose furniture Australia wide. Backed up the helpful industry leading pre and post-sale support for any wallbed brands. So you can create your own design with our wallbed frames and know it’s going to look great.

Top benefits of our wallbeds
  • Comfortable and durable for you or your guests.
  • Save up to 70% of space in any room.
  • Easy DIY wallbeds. No screws needed for the cabinetry construction.
  • Features include a child safe key lock and a foot stabilising lock.
  • Fast Australia wide delivery within 7-10 working days.
  • *Prices include delivery.

Wallbed News

The Wallbed Centre