Wallbeds for Student Accommodation and Micro-Apartments

Our wall beds are suited to most compact, little 18-25sqm student accommodation rooms in Sydney and Melbourne. While for most furniture in such small areas is impossible, and the proposition for options in such small layouts is a difficult one, particularly when the owner desires to get the maximum income from accommodation and space does not exceed 25sqm. Keeping in mind a standard queen size bed takes up 70 percent of floor space, and with this, the task becomes more difficult. It makes providing good sized rooms more challenging. The intention is to give every possible convenience and at the same time to build rooms as compactly as possible.

Micro-apartments or student accommodation now can achieve aesthetic and practical functions while giving an excellent return on investment for the owner. The Alpha Wall Bed has the narrowest footprint when closed at a mere 410mm from the wall in total depth while giving standardized single to king size mattress sizes. It makes the protrusion minimal when the Wallbed is open, giving a very compact feel. The option to add a desk that can double as a dining table and or work desk that folds down under the bed automatically when lowering and gives every unit maximum usability. No longer will you have a standard bed to clutter a room with no other use but to sleep. A Wallbed is attractive and additional to the bedroom, a study table and dining space will all be in one useful piece of furniture.

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It is not necessary for dining tables and or study tables to take up space anymore.  Think of it as a multi-functional piece of furniture made out of high-quality material that holds up much longer than other pieces of furniture. We estimate our Wallbeds to last between 17-22 years of everyday use. Melbourne and Sydney are attracting more and more discerning international students. Keep these tenants longer and charge premium rents from smaller areas. These Wallbeds are safe and secure to use. Usually, non-owners might not care for much where they rent, so our Alpha Wallbeds are made robust and have a lifetime warranty on the mechanism from the manufacturer on any defects.

Our quality Wallbed cabinetry is supremely durable and hygienic and made from low maintenance materials and made in Australia from Eco-friendly materials and with minimal impact on the environment. Our furniture looks and feels like authentic veneer, setting the benchmark in Australian made Wallbed cabinet manufacturing. , and our sheen range combines a smooth, stunning look with a level of excellence and an affordable price tag.

Storage – Wallbed cabinetry for Sydney and Melbourne are a small footprint and won’t be a blight on the eye in a small space. Our furniture becomes invisible, and besides storage options (nine in total) there are custom colour options. These wall beds are durable over time because the cabinetry was built with medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a Seven Year Warranty instead of cheap chipboard.

The economy of developing real estate that is affordable and sustainable is smooth and straightforward with a Wallbed in and across Sydney and Melbourne featuring Wallbed showrooms in both capital cities. Nothing compares to or delivers better value than these options for new student accommodation developments.

Consider our options for an outcome second to none and build yourself customer satisfaction as well. Only a Multi-functional Desk Wallbed can save on space and deliver style, versatility, function, and space. Everything else is no match when it comes to solutions for student accommodation. Poor choices in today’s city living don’t sell accommodation, but wise choices do. You won’t ever go wrong with The Wallbed Centre’s Wallbed range.