Frequently Asked Questions

To some wall, beds are normal to own because wallbeds have been common in Europe and USA since the 1930’s. In Australia, we still have myths and questions about wallbeds.

How comfortable are all our wallbeds?
Simply our wall beds are real beds like the one you are sleeping on right now. Remember the quality of the mattress you choose makes a difference also.

How often can I sleep in a wallbed?
All our wallbeds are designed to sleep in every day and can be used in more hostile hotel/motel application.

Can I put it together myself?
Yes, you also get free 24/7 phone support for your installation and peace of mind. Call 1300 888 974 for help.

Can you take it with you when you move house?
Yes, like any piece of furniture it can be taken apart. However, people add value by leaving it there and selling home with an extra multipurpose room.

If you have any questions- feel free to drop us a line or we have a quick response via our Facebook page.

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