No more monsters in the room


Kids get scared at the best of times from noises, shadows, and their creative imaginations. I remember as a kid being frightened of living skeletons under my bed, so I’d have to check or sleep with the door open with a tiny bit of light shining in from the corridor.  Total darkness was my ultimate fear of being brutally attacked by this imaginary skeleton.  If only I had had a single premium economy bed that I could fold away my fears from and have a peaceful nights sleep, I would have been a better-relaxed kid.


Our NeXt WallBed Frame Single Bed range is versatile enough to fit any kids decor. When you install from our range, you don’t have to worry about monsters hiding in the mess either, as our beds fold away and can convert into a homework desk appropriately and safely, so less there’s clutter and unsightly chaos.  Something unpleasant can be changed into something beautiful.

You add value to your home by adding a wall-bed because everyone knows these days, that space is value and value means more dollars for your home should you ever think of selling it.

Tell your children not to worry about the monster under the bed because we’ve got the superpowers to scare it away!

Fold away bedTwo fold away bed's