Wallbeds for developers and builders in Sydney and Melbourne

Developers in Sydney and Melbourne are starting to listen to dwellers and considering a number of options for living in the city and close city suburbs.  Builders are considering smaller builds, but with maximum space.  Empty-nesters, Baby Boomers, digital entrepreneurs, young freelancers, and students are leaving big suburban homes to return to life in the city — those who opt for the co-living lifestyle seem willing to pay a little more to live in tiny apartments when the units come with  added benefits like space saving Wallbeds.

Real estate developers investing in smaller apartments are reaping the benefits, too; especially those who have taken time to understand the housing needs of the community and have conducted research to determine the potential return on investment. A developer and building contractor who may be considering a micro-unit project might be tempted to compare the costs of constructing a single-family home against another with identical features and finishes but with fewer square metres, but when trying to calculate ROI for the development of micro apartments in multi-family buildings, cost comparisons for unit sizes get more complicated.

Successful micro unit developers in Sydney and Melbourne carefully consider all the factors that play a role in the marketability of such projects: location, amenity spaces, design and interior functionality. Design and functionality are two of the areas where The Wallbed Centre becomes an integral part of the development plan. Traditional furniture doesn’t work in smaller micro unit developments; occupants tend to feel cramped by the oversized, static nature of the pieces.

So, what options does one have in these smaller spaces? Transforming furniture, like the Alpha Bed with Cabinetry queen wall bed combination and convertible desk installed, allow the space to function like two bedroom apartment.

Wall Beds and Convertible Desks.

Uniquely as the world population increases and space in cities decreases, options available are no longer limitless.  Developers need to think smart and accommodate more people that’s why functionality, design and look is so important.  A number of finishes are available as options and can make a space more palatable for any interior.

Wallbeds are a small footprint and won’t be a blight on the eye in a small space.  Our furniture becomes invisible and besides storage options (nine in total), there are custom colour options at low cost.  When you let an apartment out to a renter, these wallbeds are durable over time because the cabinetry is made out of medium density fibreboard (MDF) instead of chipboard.

Our quality wallbed cabinetry is supremely durable and hygienic and made from low maintenance materials.  Made in Australia from eco-friendly and sustainable environments with minimum impact on the environment. Our furniture looks and feels like a true veneer, setting a benchmark in Australian made wallbed cabinet manufacturing.  All of our glossy surfaces are manufactured by Polytec and our sheen range combines a smooth, stunning finish with a medium level of gloss and an affordable price tag.

To furnish a new development with many different static furniture pieces would potentially cost somewhere beyond $5000AU, whereas furnishing with our wallbed range would furnish more than half of a micro unit for the same cost.

The economy of developing real estate that is affordable and sustainable is simple and easy with murphy beds/wallbeds/deskbeds.  Nothing compares to or delivers better value than these options for your new development.  Consider our options for an outcome second to none and build yourself customer satisfaction.  Only a wallbed can save on space and deliver style, versatility, function and space.  Everything else is a fail when it comes to solutions for the micro home.  Poor choices in today’s city living apartments don’t sell apartments, but wise choices do.  You won’t ever go wrong with a wallbed!

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