Sydney and Melbourne Flatpack Wall Bed Assembly

It’s a well-known fact among relationship experts that a weekend of assembling flatpack wallbed furniture is enough to bring even the strongest of couples to the brink of divorce! It’s often to do with the indecipherable instruction manuals. They seem to come in 14 different languages but never understandable English and then there seems to be this bizarre international language of gesticulating stickmen! Not only can putting together furniture put pressure on relationships, it can also make you want to pull your hair out – who has the time and patience?!

Luckily, The Wall Bed Centre and Flatpack Assembly Services have joined forces in order to help you achieve your ultimate space saving Wall Bed – without the hassle of having to put it together yourself. Isn’t that great? No more headaches, empty boxes, multiple lost Allen keys and lost screws and washers! Our partnership gives you less stress, peace of mind and a sense of relief to go out and enjoy, and do so much more with your family’s spare time. Family comes first, and we at the Wall Bed Centre and FAS understand this.

At The Wall Bed Centre, we know our customers, and one of the biggest challenges you will face is finding the courage (and time) to get your tools out and put together your brand new wallbed. Yet sometimes these barriers can even restrict the final decision into purchasing one of these unique, yet innovative beds, but after securing a nationwide partnership with Flatpack Assembly Services (FAS) we can finally leave the installation up to the professionals to provide customers with a solid, reliable and hassle-free new wallbed. Phew!

Flatpack Assembly Services started out in Christchurch, New Zealand when a 17 year old entrepreneur, working at a Bunnings store, had a bright idea and $300 burning a hole in his back pocket. Fast forward five years and their now one of the largest and fastest growing mobile service franchises in the world. FAS operates in five countries and have around 120 franchisees globally in operation. The concept is simple; assembling flatpack furniture for customers at their home or office for a fixed fee and since 2014 the vision has been to create the world’s most reliable, robust and well-tuned assembly business.

LOVE it or Hate it?

If you are a customer who doesn’t have much spare time, doesn’t have the tools or simply can’t be bothered (because there’s better things you could be doing than putting together flatpack furniture), talk to us!

When we put our wallbeds together, we take ultimate care in working in any space to put everything together. We take care of our surrounds and when we work together with Flatpack Assembly Services, they take care of your surrounding space too. We both look after our customers and ensure a safe and clean environment. We’re a team that put you first in all of our transactions. When you find a great B2B relationship, you stick together to bring excellence to clients present and future.

Not only can FAS install your bed, they offer multiple services to help achieve an all-round excellent experience. FAS can provide customers with securing and fastening, measure and quoting, pick-up and delivery and can even remove and recycle all of that cardboard packaging – doing our part to keep the environment clean and green!

The combined efforts of the Wall Bed Centre and Flatpack Assembly Services will make your Wall Bed experience a whole lot easier and safer, leaving you with a professionally installed bed where you’re guaranteed quality, build and of course – style!

Today – Our wallbeds will be professionally assembled around Australia by Flatpack Assembly Services.