Therapy wallbeds through NDIS


Clothes and shelves on one side

Our business recognizes people with all levels and abilities.  Our wallbed designs are compatible with many situations and scenarios in limited and large spaces.  They are multi-functional for a variety of people, requirement and needs.  (Please note our beds are not hospital beds and are not fitted with any adjustable mechanical and electrical equipment).

We have a commitment to assisting people within the disability community who require assistance and space saving options for sleeping for them and their carers.  Our wallbeds can be adapted for people in wheelchairs or with limited movement (subject to approval from NDIS).

Our pull-down wallbeds are light and can move into position for people with challenges and may be able to be provided with guide ropes for either carers or clients for lowering. Lowering and raising is:

  • Automatic, with self-extending legs with protective floor caps
  • Finger-tip up and down operation (the best balanced wallbed in the industry)
  • Base board mount for no ruined floors or walls or ripped carpet

To meet the NDIS disability rules you need to have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent (lifelong) and that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself.

The following questions may help you decide if your answer is ‘yes’.

Do you usually need support from a person or assistive equipment so you can:

  • get out of bed and move around the home and outside the home?
  • have a carer stay for assistance overnight, but don’t have a spare room?
    A standard wardrobe
  • have more space for wheelchair in a small environment?

The NeXt Wallbed Frame Kit bed has been specifically engineered to operate as a stand-alone wallbed that does not require any cabinetry to operate. The counterbalanced spring assembly which is located at the front of the bed gives the bed the freedom to achieve this. You can either mount the base of the bed frame to your skirting of your wall or alternatively fix the bed to your floor.

Our NeXt Wallbed Frame Kit you can easily adjust and retrofit into your existing sliding wardrobe. You can customize your wallbed and surrounding cabinets with the latest laminates, textured finishes, and coloured polyurethane finishes.

When designing homes for people with a disability, architects can now get in touch with us for design options when creating homes for people with physical challenges.  We are happy to work with any interior designer or architect who has a passion for designing for people in this category.  Most of our specifications can be adapted to any space or feature which won’t restrict space or function.  Our in depth passion for helping you find what suits best motivates us to always look for solutions and specific customer outcomes.

Sketch of the NeXt wallbed frame kit

Our beds can be seen in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.  We have our wallbeds installed in the St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney in the Navy ward for military personnel past and present.  We can also accommodate needs in specialized care homes, nursing homes and hostels for people with extra care needs.  Our wallbeds could also assist in our care environments where multi-functional options are required.

Our wallbeds have a guaranteed lifespan between 17-22 years and the NeXt wallbed frame has one year guarantee.  We can be contacted 24/7 on our 1300 number, 1300 888 974 to assist you in your selection and decision making process.

This range of wall beds are designed and made in Australia by WallBeds Australia for us.  What for decades was an iron contraption with a flimsy mattress foundation and cheap materials now has an engineering and aesthetic make-over with quality materials and mechanisms.

(Adjustments are made by your own nominated external contractors).